How to use Waze in Tesla's touchscreen?

We can cast the Waze app to Tesla's big touchscreen while driving, and can even manipulate the Waze app on Tesla's touchscreen directly.

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1. Preparation

For Android users

For iOS users

2. Enable the WiFi hotspot of your phone

We must enable the Wi-Fi hotspot becuase we use is to transfer data between the phone and the Tesla EV. Then make sure that the Tesla EV is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your phone.

IMPORTANT!!! The option "Remain connected in Drive" must be checked.

3. Config in the Tesla Display app

The settings of Tesla Display app for using Waze

Open the Tesla Display app, and click the setting tab. We must set the “Mirror Mode” option to “Image Mode” because only “Image Mode” can work while Tesla is in driving mode. It’s strongly recommended to set the “Enable remote control” option checked. When it is checked, we can manipulate the Waze app directly on Tesla’s touchscreen.

4. Mirror to Tesla’s touchscreen

The start choice of Tesla Display app for using Waze

After setting, click the start button of Tesla Display. Choose “Phone screen when driving” . After a moment, the phone screen starts mirroring. Then open the web browser of Tesla EV, access the URL Now we can see the phone screen in the web browser.

5. Using the Waze app

The screenshot of using Waze on Tesla's screen

Now, we open the Waze app in the phone, and we can see the Waze app is casted to Tesla’s touchscreen. Then we can set the destination in the Waze app.

6. About the sound

Make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled in the phone and connected to the Tesla EV. Set the sound source of Tesla to Bluetooth. Then we can hear the alert sound of Waze from Tesla’s speakers.

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