How to solve the heating issue when using mobile hotspot?

By adding a phone cooler, we can use mobile hotspot for a long time without worrying about the overheating issue.

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The problem

For Tesla owners, we will use mobile hotspot of our phone frequently, such as updating software, using Waze for navigation, or play Youtube while driving. But your phone will become very hot after using mobile hotspot for minutes.

The easy solution

The solution is adding a phone cooler when using mobile hotspot. There are two kinds of phone cooler for recommendation.

The magnetic cooling fan

The first kind is like a small magnetic cooling fan.

The magnetic cooling fan for phone The magnetic cooling fan can be used for various devices

The fan can be easily stucked at the back of your phone. It is charged through a USB type-C wire. You can use it wherever you like. It is quite convenient. You can buy it on Amazon via the link

The ice sticker

The second kind is a ice sticker.

The recyclable ice sticker for phone The recyclable ice sticker to cool your phone down

Compared with the first kind, the second kind is cheaper and can cool down faster. And it is recyclable, so you only need several pieces. Note we should put it in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before using it. You can buy it on Aliexpress via the link

The demonstration

I've tried the both kinds. Without the cooler, my Xiaomi 11 could reach 45℃ when using mobile hotspot.

The phone temperature without the phone cooler The phone temperature after using a phone cooler

Both kinds of coolers can cool down my phone to 39℃, which is a normal temperature.

With the phone cooler, you can use the Tesla Display app for a long time

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