Supported video sites

TeslaDisplay can cast videos from supported apps/sites (Youtube, Tiktok) to Tesla.

Video sites/apps that can be mirrored to Tesla’s screen

Name Android iOS
Youtube app app
Netflix Unsupported iPad web
Youtube Kids app app
Tiktok app app
Twitch app app
DailyMotion app app
PBS app app
PBS Kids app app
TED Talks app app
Khan Academy app app
Plex app app
Rumble app app
Vimeo app app
Zeus app app
Tubi web web desktop web web
Crunchyroll web Unsupported
Vix web Unsupported
CBS desktop web Unsupported
Paramount+ desktop web Unsupported

app: means we can mirror video in app

web: means we can only mirror video using Firefox web browser

desktop web: means we can only mirror video in desktop site mode using Firefox web browser

Video URL that can be casted to Tesla’s screen

The app can support two types of video URL

  1. The URL address that links to the video file directly. Usually it ends up with a video file suffix (eg. mp4, avi).
  2. The URL address from supported video platforms below:
    • Youtube
    • Tiktok
    • TED Talks
    • ESPN
    • CBC
    • PBS

Note: the live streams from these sites are still not supported.

I'm still working on supporting more video platforms.